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Entertainment is increasingly being delivered online. provides news and analysis of the trends that are defining this important change in the film and television distribution.

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Underneath Netflix: Michael (2011) by Markus Schleinzer

Addressing a salacious topic with incredible restraint, Michael is the microscopic study of a middle-aged man and the ten-year old boy he keeps in his basement. Through a skein of short, focused scenes, first-time writer / director Markus Schleinzer tackles his story with tact and patience, unfolding the narrative at a refreshingly unhurried pace, arranging […]

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Underneath Netflix: And Everything is Going Fine (2010) by Steven Soderbergh

Spalding Gray strips storytelling to its core, sitting himself at a desk with a glass of water and a spiral notebook, unspooling his experiences with passion and flair and verve, finding some shape to the senselessness of existence without asserting any absolutes. He shares the blissful terror of his life with an honesty bordering on […]

What’s Hot on Hulu Plus: Paris, Texas (1984) by Wim Wenders

America. The idea. The country. The promise. The hope. It seems like a tired topic, a worn-out approach but it’s just as rich as ever, offering multiple angles of entry and methods of approach. Tackling American culture, taking on the torrent of ads and movies and music and myths, trying to illustrate the strange vacancy […]

Underneath Netflix: Justin Kurzel’s Snowtown (2011)

Part kitchen-sink realism, part psycho killer rampage, Snowtown is a stark, affective film that transitions into its sordid subject matter with an ease I found impressive. The fact that this grim, naturalistic film moves into an account of grisly killings is not that unforeseen (especially given the sexual abuse in the beginning; and being aware […]

What’s Hot on Hulu Plus: La Promesse (1996) by Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne

An unbelievably nuanced piece that easily could have veered into being saccharine. Shaped by an abiding humanism without ever feeling preachy, this is mature, measured filmmaking bound by strong, complex themes. Its moral tenor is never too loud nor its plot too implausible: major events (i.e. the death of a undocumented worker) unfold with a […]